Property Taxes

In 2012 Buffalo Point First Nation successfully introduced a system of property taxation. This replaced the prior system of flat fees.

Buffalo Point First Nation's property taxation laws are enacted under the federal First Nation Financial Management Act (FNFMA) legislation, as administered and overseen by the First Nation Taxation Commission (FNTC) based in Kamloops, BC.

Provincially licensed assessors review the properties values every two years, based on provincial assessment guidelines. All residents receive assessment notices on or before January 31. Tax notices are sent out on or before April 30, with the taxes due date being May 31.

Property tax rates are very competitive compared to other resorts and surrounding jurisdictions. The all-in property tax mill rate in 2016 is 17.9. This mill rate is applied to 45% of the assessed value of the property. The average tax bill in 2016 is $1,400.49. The median tax bill in 2016 is $1,253.36. Buffalo Point residents do not pay property taxes to neighbouring jurisdictions or to neighbouring school boards.

Buffalo Point First Nation is the only First Nation in Canada that does not exempt its band members from property taxation.

Below are some documents that might be of interest.

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2016 BPFN Annual Expenditures Law

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2016 Proposed Mill Rates

2014 Local Revenue Account Audit Available

If you have questions about property taxation, please contact the Tax Administrator at (204) 437-2133.

Buffalo Point Sales Tax

Since 2006, Buffalo Point First Nation has its own Sales Tax. The sales tax applies to purchases of goods and services on Buffalo Point territory. The current rate is 8%.