Council & Portfolios

The Chief of the Buffalo Point First Nation, hereditary leader and representative of the Band members, selects his Council members and together they constitute the Band Council, which are the authorized government and the legal authority on the reserve. The Band Council is comprised of two councilors and one Chief.

The Buffalo Point First Nation members live and abide by their own hereditary system of government. There are no elections for Chief and Council. The Chief remains in power for his entire lifetime until his successor. The Chief may choose to retire at any age and will select the new Chief himself at that time.
The passing down of the leadership through the generations has seen Chief Ayashawath handing the reign to his son "Little Thunder", who then passed it on to his son "Old Jim Thunder". Old Jim Thunder then passed it on to "Shorty" Warren Thunder. As "Shorty" had no children, the leadership was passed on to his adopted nephew "Jim Thunder". Jim Thunder has since passed the leadership on to his son "John Thunder". It is there that we stand presently.

The Current Chief and Council are as follows:

  • John Thunder - Chief
  • Herman Green - Councilor
  • Drew Thunder - Councilor