Buffalo Point First Nation has enacted several bylaws that apply to all residents in Buffalo Point. Bylaws are enforced by the Buffalo Point First Nation. Selected bylaws are also enforced by the RCMP.

Bylaw 1981-01 Disposal of Garbage

Bylaw 1981-02 Dogs

Bylaw 1981-03 Public Water Supply

Bylaw 1981-04 Traffic

Bylaw 1981-05 Firearms

Bylaw 1981-06 Disorderly Conduct and Nuisance

Bylaw 1981-07 Camping

Bylaw 1981-08 Construction

Bylaw 1981-09 Business

Bylaw 1981-10 Hawkers and Peddlers

Bylaw 1981-11 Boat Launching

Bylaw 1981-12 Fire

Bylaw 1992-02 Hunting in Buffalo Point

The above documents are copies from the original approved bylaws. In the case of discrepancies, the text of the original approved bylaws prevail.