Buffalo Point First Nation is located on the shores of beautiful Lake of the Woods, in the southeastern corner of Manitoba. It is situated right on the Canada and United States international boundary across from Warroad, Minnesota.

Buffalo Point is a huge peninsula, jutting out into the largest body of water on Lake of the Woods. Big Traverse Bay is so large that you can actually look out on the east shore of Buffalo Point and see nothing but water out to the horizon. On the north shore of Buffalo Point is the famous Buffalo Bay, renowned for being the best walleye fishing on Lake of the Woods. This is where our majestic Reed River is located just 8 miles north of Buffalo Point. The south shore of Buffalo Point looks out onto Muskeg Bay and into the United States. The park-like setting is picture postcard perfect.

Environmental management goes hand-in-hand with business management at Buffalo Point. The community recognizes that the main attractions for tourists are the beautiful scenery and the diverse wildlife. Conserving these resources is in Buffalo Point's best interest. The First Nation restricts hunting within the boundaries of the reserve lands. Tourist can expect to see an abundance of many different species of birds, plants, and wildlife.

Within our diverse eco-system, Buffalo Point has developed a comprehensive wildlife management program that attracts many photographers and sightseers. Amongst the main attractions are herds of whitetail deer. Other wildlife includes wolves, red and silver fox, black bears, moose, beaver, muskrats and porcupines.

Birding is also a relaxing pastime. It is common to see grey owl, bald and golden eagles, osprey, blue jays, woodpeckers, finches and many more species of beautiful birds.

Buffalo Point also has an abundance of flowers and fauna that exudes nature's beauty. Buffalo Point even has the rare honor of having the only sighting of the purple-fringed orchids.