Chief Welcome Message

Welcome to Buffalo Point First Nation. I hope you enjoy your virtual tour of our community and take the time to learn more about Buffalo Point. We are proud of the many achievements we have made over the years and look forward to sharing them with you.

The success that we, the people of Buffalo Point enjoy today, is in recognition of the vision that my uncle, grandmother and father had. It is said that "a true leader possesses vision and offers brighter hope for the future". If this is the case, then I believe Buffalo Point's leadership has proven to be instrumental in our success.

Many of the most successful First Nations were those who could separate the politics from the business. For myself, I am fortunate enough to have a business background and have the ability to look at things from a business perspective, without political interference. Our success lies with the fact that we have the perfect location, our employment policy and labor force is priority and any education, skills or training required is furnished and ongoing.

Professionalism is paramount and punctuality a must. And last, but not least, is that accountability, honesty and trust will get you to where you are going in your long-term strategy.

Once again, thank you very much and enjoy your stay.

Chief John Thunder