Our Businesses

Buffalo Point First Nation is a progressive community that takes great pride in its economic development. Buffalo Point Development Corporation and Lake of the Sandhills Golf Course are 100% controlled and operated by Buffalo Point First Nation. Not only do our businesses provide our community and surrounding area with great services, we are also one of the largest employers in southeastern Manitoba.http://www.bestomega.co.uk/

The following businesses are part of Buffalo Point Development Corporation:

  • Buffalo Point Realty/Cottage Development & Land leases
  • Buffalo Point Resort Centre
  • Fire and Water Bistro
  • Island Green Lounge
  • Buffalo Point Cottage Rentals
  • Buffalo Bay Marina & Buffalo Chips
  • Lake of the Sandhills Golf Course

For more information on our business, feel free to visit their websites: www.buffalopoint.ca and www.sandhills.ca