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Buffalo Point is the perfect example of a community and leaders effort to play a vital role in the shaping of its future. As early as the 1950s, members of the Buffalo Point First Nation had talked about developing the area for tourists, but no concrete plans were made at the time. When Jim Thunder became Chief in 1969, he decided the time was ripe for development. He saw the Buffalo Point peninsula as the ideal site for an international resort (www.buffalopoint.ca)

Today the resort's 8 businesses employ nearly 60 people full and part time and many community infrastructures such as police, fire and natural resource services are in place to accommodate over 300 year round and seasonal residents.

Over fifty per cent of these employees are Aboriginal. Many of the people hired by the Development Corporation are not members of the community, since there is no unemployment within the community.

The resort has also provided a market for some private businesses owned by individual members of the Buffalo Point First Nation.